Traffic Counts

Whatever type of traffic survey or traffic count you are looking for, it is likely we can help. We are able to provide both manual and automatic traffic surveys and traffic counts. These are particularly helpful in determining traffic flows for traffic modelling purposes and appropriate highway measures at a given site, including access roads to development sites and road safety improvements. We undertake traffic surveys for a wide range of clients, including developers, local highway authorities, highway consultants and architectural companies.

The traffic data can also be used in the development of Transport Statements/Assessments, Green Travel Plans and by developers seeking Planning Consent and Section 278, 38 and 106 Agreements.

Our traffic surveys can include all transport modes and behaviours, or specific groups, such as HGVs, cyclists, and pedestrians.Traffic Counts

Automatic Traffic Surveys / Traffic Counts

We offer both temporary and permanent Automatic Traffic Counts (ATCs). The main study types our clients request are vehicle class, speed and volume surveys, although other types are available.

We use the latest ATC tube counters for temporary traffic surveys, in order to provide our clients with accurate data in electronic formats tailored to their requirements. Tube surveys are normally used where a study period of between 24 hours and one month is required. We also offer a “mid-check” service to provide the client with on-going high quality data. This also ensures the site equipment is operating correctly and has not become a danger to road users.

Where permanent traffic flow data is required, it is normally advisable to install permanent ‘induction loops’ just beneath the carriageway surface. Although the majority of our loop studies are undertaken on the public highway, we also have the technology to undertake closed site loop surveys. For example, these may be used for car parks, major events, retail/business parks, hospitals and airports, etc. We also have the equipment to monitor cycle path usage.

Manual Traffic Surveys

We have a team of enumerators who are highly trained in all aspects of manual data collection and who can, at short notice, be mobilised to undertake surveys within the required timescales. We can analyse all the information collected, before presenting the findings in a format to suit our client’s needs.

The services listed below are those most frequently requested. However, the nature of our manual traffic surveys can be specifically tailored to the client’s exact requirements.

– Road Junction Surveys
– Origin & Destination Surveys
– Parking Surveys
– Public Transport Surveys
– Queue Length Surveys
– Pedestrian Surveys
– Journey Time Surveys
– Site Measurement for input into ARCADY, PICADY & OSCADY

Traffic Speed Surveys

All our highway traffic speed surveys are undertaken in accordance with TA 22/81, the nationally recognised UK standard for speed surveys. We are able to undertake a speed survey on your behalf, whether you are a resident or community group concerned about road safety, an engineering consultant or local highway authority looking to analyse speed survey data. Our speed surveys are also used by developers to support applications for highways planning approval (for example, when considering appropriate junction visibility splays and overall highway safety). Click here for further details.

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