Traffic Speed Surveys

All our highway traffic speed surveys are undertaken in accordance with TA 22/81, the nationally recognised UK standard for speed surveys.  We are able to undertake a speed survey on your behalf, whether you are a resident or community group concerned about road safety, an engineering consultant or local highway authority looking to analyse speed survey data.  Our speed surveys are also used by developers and architectural companies to support applications for highways planning approval (for example, when considering appropriate junction visibility splays and overall highway safety).

Traffic Speed Survey in accordance with TA 22/81Radar Speed Survey

Using the latest radar speed detection technology, we are able to take accurate traffic speed measurements at the site of concern.  This is the most cost-effective method of identifying the range of vehicle speeds at a given site, together with mean, median and 85th percentile speeds.  All speeds are recorded discretely and in ‘free-flowing’ traffic conditions, in order to ensure accurate measurements are taken.

Automatic Speed Survey

We are also able to undertake ‘automatic’ speeds surveys, which involves placing detector tubes on the carriageway for a period of up to 7 days.  Although a more expensive option than the radar speed survey, this has the added option of providing traffic volume information within the survey data.

How is Speed Survey Data Presented?

We will provide the results of your speed survey in graphical and tabular format, in order to summarise the traffic speed situation and also to enable more detailed analysis of the data if required.

Once you have your speed survey report, our experienced Engineers are also able to provide subsequent advice regarding appropriate highway design, road safety concerns and suitable remedial measures if required.

Other Traffic Surveys

We are also able to provide a range of other manual and automatic traffic surveys, such as traffic counts requiring vehicle class and volume.  These are particularly helpful in determining traffic flows for traffic modelling purposes and appropriate highway measures at a given site, including access roads to development sites and road safety improvements.  Click here for further details.

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